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At the crossroads of art and perfumery, Stephane Humbert Lucas embodies an unprecedented olfactory journey

Artistic House of Luxury Fragrance

Stephane Humbert Lucas Paris is a field of expression for its creator and a way for him to free his artistic sensibility and his overflowing creativity where
no marketing concessions are welcome.

Each creation starts with a blank canvas where touches of colour, musical notes,
poetry and images will be progressively inscribed.
The permanent inspiration drawn from painting, literature and music sets the tone and imposes a selection of the most beautiful raw materials of fine perfumery.
The process can finally begin. Both the harmony and the roughness are beautifully confronted as a result of the creator’s need to place perfumery as a major art.

Synesthete Parisian Perfumer

Painter and poet, Stephane Humbert Lucas studied painting in the South of France with a Flemish master and specialised in the tempera technique where he was obsessed with the combination of pigments and their texture.

Convinced that every colour had a scent, he discovered his synethesia, a perceptual phenomenon in which the stimulation of his sight simultaneously triggers his sense of smell at the same time.
Mixing colours was then a way to master new and unique scents.

“I don’t invent scents, I rearrange them and invite them to combine,
I’m a matchmaker, a couturier of the invisible.
Yet, I ‘see’ my fragrances, each material, each accord vibrate with colours
and sometimes these colours emit a sound.
I don’t invent smell, like I neither invent pink nor indigo, they are present in our unconscious.
I ask them to live together, to be as beautiful as the other, they are my harmony.”

La Collection 777

An Oriental Odyssey


La Collection 777

Inspired by his travels to the Middle East, Stephane Humbert Lucas launched his first collection in his eponymous brand in 2012 where he revealed his love for the Orient which he views as the cradle of the universe.

In the Western imaginary, the Orient refers to visions of picturesque luxury and refinement. The sumptuousness of dazzling fabrics, the heady blends of spices and flowers, the divine aroma, the decors of the Arabian Nights and the ambiance of mystical seraglios and the fantasies which resides within them.

The 777 collection alludes to this imaginary and compliments it with the author’s own spiritual and philosophical approach.

The symbols; especially in the Orient and the significance of the number seven in SHL’ s life allow us to understand the work and legacy of the artist and his quest for spirituality, beauty and self-fulfillment.

The number seven is the number of perfection, happiness and wisdom.
777 is a symbol of luck, protect and peace.

A cap of honeycombed metal, vaulted dome, pointing sharply
A crystalline artifact with limpid curves
A distincted crown
A multi-faceted stone
For vertically shaped perfume extracts

“ Lately, I have been calmly observing, year after year, a whole world. An entire block, an indivisible rock, yet full of characters. Names of patriarchs, kings, crowned chieftains, covered with honours.
All are responsible; all are moved by an unbreakable faith. I am attracted by this fire, this soul fervor, beyond the material chains. ” — SHL

La Collection Serpent

An introspective journey


La Collection Serpent

Stéphane Humbert Lucas is embarking on the symbolic adventure of the snake, collecting stories and legends from all over the world. 

A totem animal, majestic for different peoples, or yet again adornments, incarnations and distrust. Nothing more delightful and inspiring than the creation of a collection reminiscent of carnivals and distant theatres, both honorary and musical, philosophical or sacred, based on this sensual, breath-taking monster.

Finding the fabulous story, the beautiful character, the attraction, colour and fragrance, like Ariadne’s thread, making it possible to remain faithful to desire and obsession, and finding the right moult, the right combination, the formula, like a saga, an opera, a book of tales. 

It is a journey made of successive undulations and connections, like a meticulous archaeological work, combining speed and slowness. Everything moves and everything comes to a standstill, in an unparalleled stream, a flow that becomes clearer with each cutting, each personification. 

An escapade in «Sovereignty» and in Poetry where you hypnotise and let yourself be hypnotised. From Mexico to China, from reality to limitless imagination...