SHL Artwork


In order to make a beautiful perfume, I create another.” — SHL

The path to creation. A synesthetic mind and soul.

A younger SHL refined his art in Beaux Arts in Paris under the supervision of Jean Cardot, where he piled his canvasses in a bijou Parisian apartment, later to be displayed in an intriguing gallery near Beaubourg.

There he opened a boutique-laboratory in the heart of Rue Quincampoix, combining paintings with perfumes where he immersed himself in ‘sculpting’ original fragrances with a young perfumer in love with Cezanne.

A fateful encounter with renowned perfumer Henri Sorsana (one of the nose behind Annick Goutal, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Reminiscence) drove a self-taught SHL to express his artistic ambivalence by using his synesthesia, to elaborate intricate fragrances.

After creating Nez à Nez, The Hype Noses and soOud, Stephane Humbert Lucas ventures into a new form of expression in a high end perfume.

Synesthete Parisian Perfumer

Stéphane lives for writing and travelling. Fragrance is a catalyst. Deeply moved by the Arabian world which he considers the cradle to all living cultures, the artist brings life to his fantasies through the olfactory sense. 

“ The Middle-East has a scent and I like its smell. ”

“ The concept is a funnel, where big ideas are thrown in to let out an extract of sweet madness. ”

The brand stands out thanks to its artistic input, as well as its numerous and exclusive store window collaborations. Stéphane Humbert Lucas’ world is not one but many, and opens to enchanting and mystifying universes.

“ Paris is my bottle, the world is my perfume. ”

Stéphane twists the codes of traditional perfumery.
Like fragments of Orient.
Unique creations, freed from the usual monotony. 

To create a fragrance, is to take will and luck as partners in crime. ”